User Guide

Ⅰ.How to log in SecondLive client?

1.Log in and connect to BSC wallet.
2.Connect an email: Click [Start] and click [Connect Email].
3.Download SecondLive client.
4.Log in with your email address in the SecondLive client and enter the official page.
5.Edit your avatar: Click [Avatars] to create your character. After editing, please enter the relevant Space.

Ⅱ.How to visit the SecondLive BSC DeFi 3D exhibition hall?

1.Click [Home] or [My NFT] and enter the exhibition.
2.Exhibition Guide: Users can get relevant guidance and answers at the service desk.
3.Exhibition hall layout: There are four zones, each with 19 booths.
Zone 1: Booths 1-19
Zone 2: Booths 20-38
Zone 3: Booths 39-57
Zone 4: Booths 58-76
4.Project booth introduction: The project entering the SecondLive BSC DeFi 3D exhibition hall has an exclusive booth, and each booth is equipped with a brief introduction of the project and related data. If the project participates in blind box mining, eligible whitelist users can go to the project’s booth to extract a 3D NFT.

Ⅲ.How to claim 3D blind box NFT and stake in mining?

1.Blind box extraction: Whitelist users can find the project booth and click on the blind box to extract a 3D NFT.
Enter the webpage, connect to the BSC wallet address, and then click Blind Box to claim the blind box!
The interface will display "0 Draw" if you are not whitelisted. To receive blind box draws, please click the link and finish the tasks.
2.If you are a whitelisted user, please click [Draw] to claim a blind box.
3.Mining Entrance
Method One: Click [Mining portal] after the blind box drawing.
Method Two: Click [BSC 1ST ANNIVERSARY] on the top of SecondLive official website, and then click [Mining portal].
Method Three: Click [Stake] in SecondLive BSC DeFi 3D Exhibition Hall.
Click [Stake NFT]
Enter the number of NFTs to stake and click [Confirm].
Staked successfully! You can check the percentage of personal mining efficiency, the number of mining and other values.
5.Withdraw Earnings: Click [Harvest Rewards]
6.Cancel Staking: Click [Unstake NFT] and enter the number of NFTs and [Confirm].

Ⅳ.How to trade NFT?

1.Sell NFT: Select the unstaked NFT and click [Sell], enter the price and the number for sale.
2.Buy NFT: Click [MARKET] at the top of the homepage to enter the NFT trading market.
Choose the NFT you want to buy and click [Buy].
Click the upper right box, tap [My NFT] to view the purchased NFT.

Ⅴ.How to join Treasure Hunt event

Users can open the dropped treasure boxes and receive airdrop tokens from projects in BSC DeFi Exhibition Hall everyday from 1 PM to 5 PM, September 2nd to September 7th.
27 new treasure boxes dropped every minute. Each user can claim 13 times per day in BSC DeFi Exhibition Hall.
Click [the money] button on the right to view the tokens you picked up. Tokens are automatically transferred by the system to your wallet the next day. There will be a record page, you don’t need to do anything.
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